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The Keren Hotel, also known as Albergo Italia, was built in 1899 and is probably the oldest hotel in Asmara.
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As for the IMA, it seems that an exhibition on the pilgrimage to Mecca three years ago demonstrated the French public’s interest in Middle East religions, although in 2000 it hosted a display of Egyptian Coptic art, and Lebanese Christian works three years later.

The institute’s permanent collection now includes holy books and religious objects from Judaism and Christianity.

Christian art – the IMA is about 300 yards from Notre Dame and well worth a day’s Eurostar trip – was deeply influenced by Islamic painting, especially of flowers.

And take a look at the 17th century icon of St Simeon Stylites (he who lived on top of a pillar in northern Syria) which was painted at that great home of all icons – Aleppo!

And I recalled how a martyr-cleric in Mosul was murdered by a Muslim gunman who asked him why he did not close his church as he was ordered to do.

The Christian said that he could not close the house of God.

Without the Christians, as the French Catholic newspaper said last week, the Middle East would be a “radically different place”.They want to be fully citizens of their country.” Rightly so. And – have you spotted this – the problem is that word I just used: ‘we’.It is, surely, for the Muslims to encourage them to stay.Amazing to find all this in Paris, in a country so brutally struck by “Islamists” these past years, where you might expect to find empty corridors rather than packed rooms where visitors literally stumble over each other to get close to the artefacts.Christians in the Middle East, as one of the curators of the exhibition says, “do not want to be regarded as a minority, a ‘residue’.In 638 AD Jerusalem became one of the early cities conquered during the Islamisation of the Middle East.