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Furthermore, tooth form is considered to be highly heritable and selectively neutral; thus, teeth are assumed to be an excellent proxy for neutral genetic data when none are available.However, to our knowledge, no study to date has systematically tested the assumption of genetic neutrality of dental morphological features on a global scale.

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Dental non-metric variation explained about 40% and 30% of the neutral genetic differences among populations as calculated from SNPs and STRs, respectively.

To do so, we first matched genomic and dental phenotypic population samples from around the world using existing databases.

Matched SNP and dental phenotypic data were available for 19 populations and matched STR and dental phenotypic data were available for a subset of 13 populations (Fig. We then used the R-matrix method) utilizing the genomic and dental phenotypic datasets independently.

Table 1 also presents the results of the Dow-Cheverud test, which determined whether dental metrics or dental non-metric traits are significantly more strongly correlated with either SNP or STR markers.

None of the comparisons were significant, indicating that dental metrics and dental non-metric trait data are both comparably well-suited in tracking neutral genetic relationships as calculated from SNPs and STRs.