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Dreams do come true, there is someone out there for everyone and your site sent me my angel whose smile lights up my day every single day.

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Just back from another pleasant night out to TH in Dublin and met gina a real sweetie xx Interested in all things Wicca Girls and Guys with dark centres always welcome, im now keen to develop juoles the Goth so id welcome contacts from any pervy goth chixs !!!

Just back from my second trip to Martinas and she is still red hot had lots of fun she makes me very very bad!!

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Cindy is really great company, and a real star, passing on little tips, makeup wigs etc etc and i found her a massive sweetie hugs hunni xxx One look i'm really taken with, is the Street Whore look, makes me feel real dirty,!!! looking the part is so so much FUN, bad girls please apply!

i so love the slut/tart/whore look Hi, Im juoles a glam bitch who is definitely not a sissy! IF you like my looks and implied personality and into same scene , same interests etc please stop and chat I should add i totally enjoy having my later ego, i hope i dont take myself too seriously, but i do take seriously how she looks, Another aspect of juoles Verses the real me is as a guy i dont smoke but as juoles i do and as such accept its an important aspect of the Trans woman juoles is. Must be an experienced player and active on the scene, and not offering private meet only!

and seeking those who can make me be an even sleazier whore, im attracted too any thoughts suggestions act and deeds that can help me descend into the real sleazy side of sex mmmm and please remember i may have switched from time to time and enjoyed doing so im much more submissive so thats a bottom rather than top! One aspect of my altered egos is that of a Succubis, for those who dont know what that is a rather dangerous temptress I love to express my Alter Ego in many different looks and in my preference for fetish and the more hard core scenarios. Im very interested in someone turning me into a real slut and whore! Had a real nice time this week at Sweet Wednesdays, tottered on heels from car in Kings Cross with Suzi Stern, Tina and ever helpful John, great venue, good to see so many T girls and admirers on a mid week afternoon, ill definitely be back!

I like my guys to be muscular, jock, athletic, muscle type, bigger the defintion the better mmmmmmmmm! If you would like to contact me please leave a message or say hi in chat rooms, and im usually online most nights after 9. I do appreciate you doing so, anyhow please get in touch, if you are interested that is. my pics are varied in looks and hopefully convey that im just not interested in the Glam look but like experimenting with EXTREME FETISH AND ENJOY BIZZARE !

Just returned from another great night at TH in Dublin, if you havnt been try it and be impressed still friendly, non judgemental and Hostess Amanda hasnt lost her wi T or charm! But if you intend to message me please read the profile first xx SO! as well, as with any shop window it pays to come inside to see the full contents!