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Confused on what to do he will bottle up his feelings.

The feelings fester to the point that he can no longer hold them in and the possibility of calling her begins to seem like a great option.

Choosing the right person, getting to know them and seeing if they are compatible with him can seem like climbing a mountain.

It may feel easier to go back to the relationship that he had than to venture in finding a brand new one. A TV show that they watched together, the kitchen they made dinner in, the car they took trips in.

We have all suffered a break up, and knowing how to do it and how to handle the after can be difficult, especially the spiral of feelings that follow.

At times these feelings can be too much for us and we are drawn back to the person we were with.

Men are particular guilty of this which can make you wonder, Why do men always come back?

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The saying “You don’t know what you’ve lost until it’s gone”, has never felt truer.Frustrated at the reasons why women play hard to get, he sends a drunken text to her, “Hey what’s up?” It is 3am and clearly not the time to be asking that question.He tries to play it cool as if he really wants to converse about life, but she knows the underlying truth. After a breakup, a man feels that it’s great to be single, that the world is his oyster of women.The word must be out he is single now; the women will all flock to him now, drowning him in a sea of sex.Our large user base and user-friendly features have led to success for many singles.